Sushi is one of the most exotic and flavourful dishes which however still remains a mystery to most of the people. The authentic Japanese dish is full of rich flavours, colours and most importantly, the state-of-art cooking skills of a master chef.

It is a fact that becoming a professional Sushi chef may even take you ten years! Now, you might be wondering what rocket science is there in preparing this “world-famous” dish! Sushi was prepared in the traditional manner as Japanese fast food.

It’s unique and rich taste gained its popularity so much so that people are craving to experience the taste ride of the traditional, cultural and authentic Sushi made by the hands of the best chef known to recreate the taste.

Here are some of the facts that you did not know about this mysteriously amazing dish! We’re sure, you would want to try it, even more after this!

1. The real Wasabi is rare

Real wasabi is made from the root of the wasabia japonica plant. What is served normally is not the real Wasabi, it is derived from. It is used as a substitute for the real Wasabi. The strong burn and spicy flavour characteristic of wasabi come from naturally antimicrobial chemicals in the wasabia japonica. It works great for killing potential microbes and parasites in raw seafood.

Authentic wasabi is very rare and also sometimes expensive. Some of the authentic and premium Sushi restaurants serving the real Wasabi even charge for it separately. The sushi dish served in most of the average sushi restaurants is made from horseradish and mustard powder with some green colour flavour for the hue.

2. Sushi rice wasn’t intended to be eaten

Sushi originated 1000 of years ago when the fish was wrapped in the fermented rice to preserve it. The rice was simply meant to preserve the fish for a long time and at the time of the meal, these fermented rice were thrown away. Surprised? Well, that’s the way it used to be back then, that’s how it originated! Also, the fermented rice water adds the nutrition value to Sushi along with the aesthetic and authentic sour flavour. The sour flavour in Sushi can also be achieved from vinegar rice which is a very common practice nowadays.

3. You’re eating the nigiri the wrong way

The real nigiri is eaten upside down. You must put the fish side down on your tongue first while eating the nigiri. The sumptuous, pulpy and soft flavour will eventually melt in your mouth and the other spices and herbs will enhance its taste. Thays the best way to enjoy this sumptuous mouth-watering dish hailing from the lands of Japan. Also, it is typically eaten with two fingers rather than chopstick to easily rotate the fish side and the rice side.

4. You Shouldn’t Dip Sushi Rice

If you wish to make your nigiri extra sour by dipping it into soy sauce, you should turn it over and lightly dip only the fish side. This is because Sushi rice is prepared with great pride and effort to achieve the correct, sticky texture. Saturating the rice with extra soy sauce till the point it falls apart in your cup is simply the negligence of that effort and may also affect the taste.

Sushi prepared with toppings such as roe or sweet and spicy sauces also known as unagi (eel) should never be dipped in soy sauce. Everyone may have different taste and preferences but to fully enjoy an authentic sushi experience, avoid dipping every piece with soy sauce.

5. There’s a lot more to “Nori”

Nori is the seaweed used to wrap sushi. It was once scraped off of wooden pier legs and even the undersides of boats. The tasty and scummy material was then pressed into sheets and dried in the sun. Nowadays, nori is cultivated and farmed. Some restaurants may toast nori for safety reasons, while many authentic Japanese restaurants don’t in order to preserve the fishy taste.

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