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Our Sports and fitness complex is equipped with world-class facilities to help you achieve your fitness goals


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We have a widespread sports complex with Olympic size swimming pool, large activity lawns and gardens to help you relax your way.


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Enjoy playing indoor and outdoor games and participate in recreational activities that thrill you

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Lawn Tennis

The energizing sport of Lawn Tennis becomes more refreshing when played at the two floodlight courts at DLF Club5, which have been rated amongst the best in Gurgaon. We provide complimentary tennis balls on request.

All the members and their guests can use the court between 6 am to 10 pm every day, except for Mondays.
DLF Club5 also has a renowned tennis coaching program for children and One-on-One or group coaching as well.


DLF Club5 boasts of two of the best Squash Courts in Gurgaon. The courts are air-conditioned and come with solid maple wood flooring, raising the standard and experience of gameplay manifold.

You can enjoy a game or two between 6 am to 9 pm and also avail of the coaching facilities if you wish to.
Squash courts are available only for members of Club5 and their guests.

Swimming Pool

Swimming is always a fun-filled activity, whether you are doing it for fitness or just splashing about to beat the heat.
DLF Club5 is home to two swimming pools – One 33 metres long and 4 feet deep for adults, and the other 20 meters long and 1 foot deep for toddlers. There are three coaches at the pool to ensure safety and provide lessons if required.
The pools are well subscribed for nearly nine months of the year from February to October and are open from 6 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 9 pm. On weekends, they are open all day long.
The swimming pool is open only to Club5 members and their guests.


DLF Club5 has a well-equipped gymnasium spread over 3,000 sq. feet of space. It has ample facilities for cardio (treadmills and cross trainers) and weight training programs. For those who are looking for guidance and a fitness program, we have three trainers who provide customized guidance and support for individual needs. The gym is also host to various classes including spinning, Zumba, Yoga which are conducted regularly.
Membership is open to both Club5 and non-Club5 members.

Table Tennis

Enjoy your time playing one of the most entertaining games. Table tennis at our well-equipped, lavish club will leave you thrilled. Table tennis is a sport which is not only energetic but also fun to play! Enjoy your time while you hit some balls!
The table-tennis room in dlf Club 5 is one of the most spacious and vibrant ones! It is sure to lift your sportsmen spirit with its aura! Come and play at one of the best places!

Monday Closed: Please note that all sporting facilities at the Club are closed on Mondays.

Disclaimer – Members are requested to bring their own sports kit and equipment for playing

Meet Your Fitness Goals At The Best Gym And Fitness Club

Club5, the leading health club in Gurgaon offers you multiple avenues of recreation and meeting your fitness goals. The well-equipped tennis court, squash court, swimming pool, gym and much more are perfect for your fitness plans

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